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Loyalty program

Loyalty program rewards players for choosing our club and staying with us. Every real-money player automatically participates in the program and receives rakeback - a share of the rake he or she generated while playing real-money cash games and tournaments. In our loyalty program, everything revolves around special points (MPPs) that you can earn and spend.


Mobile Player Points (MPPs) are earned by taking part in raked real-money ring games and tournaments. For ring games, we will award the table 10 MPPs per $1 in rake. Player points are then divided equally among all players dealt into the hand. For example, 5 players were dealt into the hand at $0.05/0.1 and the pot contains $1. There will be 5 cents of rake, which correspond to 0.5 player points. Each player will therefore be awarded 0.1 player points. For tournaments, we will award the player 10 MPPs per $1 in tournament rake.

MPP Store

MPP Store is the place to exchange earned MPPs for valuable items. For now, there are only exchanges for cash. Cash payouts are available at the following exchange rates:

  • $5 - 900 MPP;
  • $15 - 1900 MPP;
  • $40 - 4000 MPP;
  • $100 - 8400 MPP.

As you can see, by exchanging MPPs into cash you achieve a rakeback of 5.5% (for the first rate) to 12% (for the last rate).


A player status is a special rank, obtained by a player, which gives a player certain advantages, such as increased rakeback and access to the special Silver+ freeroll.

There are 4 statuses (in ascending order): Bronze, Silver, Gold and Elite.

Obtaining a status

All players have a Bronze status by default. To take a step up the ladder, a certain amount of monthly MPPs has to be gained:

  • Silver - 1,000 MPP;
  • Gold - 5,000 MPP;
  • Elite - 15,000 MPP.

Advantages of a status

A status higher than Bronze increases the number of MPPs the player earns. The coefficients are:

  • Silver - 1.5;
  • Gold - 2;
  • Elite - 2.5.

This means that for every $1 of rake, the Bronze player will receive 10 MPP, the Silver player - 15 MPP, the Gold player - 20 MPP, the Elite player - 25 MPP. Also, having a status higher than Bronze, gives access to loans.

Note, that having a higher status effectively increases your rakeback percentage (up to 30% in case of Elite).

Keeping a status

To avoid stepping down a status level, a player needs to gain the same amount of MPPs needed to obtain his current status. Note that maintaining the current level is a little easier than obtaining it, because the MPP coefficient is now higher. E.g. a player needs to earn 1000 MPP to get from Bronze to Silver, which translates to $100 of rake. He now has to earn 1000 MPPs on Silver every month to avoid stepping down to Bronze, but this time he earns 15 MPP per $1 of rake, so it translates to $66.6.


A bonus is a cash amount that is credited to the player’s account when the player earns a particular amount of MPPs.

Obtaining a bonus

Currently, you can obtain a bonus by making your first deposit (a "first deposit" bonus). The amount of this bonus is equal to the amount of the deposit but not higher than $100.

Accumulation of points

Starting from the moment a player obtains a bonus, all MPPs earned by the player are tracked and piled up by the bonus. These MPPs are also added to the player’s player point account as usual. However, the status coefficient is not applied to the number of MPPs added to the bonus. For instance, if the player has a Gold status that gives him a 2.0 coefficient and earns 10 MPPs for the session, his MPP account will be credited 20 player points, but his active bonus will be credited 10. The number of MPPs piled up for a bonus is never reduced. Any manipulations with the MPP account (like spending MPPs in MPP Store) do not influence the MPP counter in the bonus. Only one bonus can be active at any time. Bonuses expire after 6 months.


Bonus money is paid out to the player’s account in $2 chunks (or less, if the chunk completes the bonus). $2 is paid for every 150 MPPs piled up by the bonus. If the chunk completes the bonus and is less than $2, the amount is reduced proportionally. For instance, a player has a bonus of $5. He gets the first $2 after earning 150 MPPs, the second $2 after 150 more, and the last $1 after earning 75 more MPPs.